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"Action is the foundational key to all success" Pablo Picasso 

Actors, Writers, Directors and Producers!

Being in the entertainment industry is one of the most fulfilling careers there is but how does one actually embark on this journey without diving head first into university or costly programs.

Coming from an Acting background I know how confusing it can be to start out in this industry; training, show reels, headshots and agents. It can all be extremely daunting and unfortunately extremely expensive. 

 I spent thousands on head shots and show reels and days on research trying to find where I belong in this industry.

I started RYDEentertainment to provide a nurturing, reliable and most importantly affordable environment for artist to start or continue to grow their careers. 



A picture says a thousand words- Who are you? What are you selling? A headshot needs to immediately grab your audience whether that be an agent or casting director a good headshot is absolutely essential to getting your career started or going again.




Prove you've got what it takes to be on the big screen. A showreel should showcase 'you' not just your skills but who you are and where you fit in the industry. Our services help you choose a scene that best fits your casting and gives you on set experience; blocking, finding the lens and light so when you get onto the big sets you don't feel out of place. 

Mac Desktop


You be the actor let us take care of the editing. 
Already been working professionally or semi professionally? Then a Pro Reel is a great asset to add to your package. Great for casting websites and to help you get an agent or give to your agent to help them better showcase your skills. 




Actors get the coaching you need for that next audition or job!


New film makers and actors learn the fundamentals to film making. Shoot your own self tapes, scene and even short films. 

Writers, Directors, Producers get the advice you need for that next script or shoot!

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