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Some Of Our Work

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We tell stories

Everyone and everything has a story. If you're a small business or entertainer the only thing that will make you stand out in the crowd today is your authenticity and your ability to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

We do this through our films!

We do this through your commercials!

And we do this through our photography! 


What do we Do

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Lauren Price, Student

I took a media technology class taught by Robbie and learned tons of valuable info about various devices and software programs. He was very informative and easy to listen to. As a student with ADD, I tend to be easily distracted but I learned a lot in his interactive class. A+ instructor!

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Barbara Nicholson, Client

If you are looking for quality, attention to detail and professionalism I would highly recommend RYDEentertainment. Robbie is amazing always looking to produce the best work possible. 
We recently engaged them to produce my daughter's showreel and they demonstrated a highly qualified approach. Overall it was a great experience for everyone. Thanks to all involved.

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Laura Bellomo, Actress

What a dead set legend! I came to Rob with a rough cut reel and he was able to help me move things around and tighten it up making it exponentially better. My reel now tells a better story about who I am as an actor. Thanks, Robbie!