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The Actrix Stone

On the streets of Freestone Valley, a figure is discovered, bloody, burnt and lifeless. Surviving abduction will come at a price for Ebony Casteel. Hospitalised, she awakens crippled by amnesia. As her wounds slowly heal, her mind behind to unravel, an insistent whisper from within forcing her to question her sanity. Is Ebony's survival a miracle? Or is her return a curse?

The Actrix Stone- Co-Produced along side Langa Films staring Tahnee Langshaw and Robbie Ryde The Actrix Stone came to RYDEentertainment with the idea of shooting a scene for their website and fans. With our help, the hard work of many individual and under the experienced guidance of Director Colin Budds we were able to produce the idea into a proof on concept that has now caught they eye of Amazon to adapt into a series. The film itself also looks to get more success and exposure after already winning a Merit Award at the Global Shorts Film Festival. 

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